Logistics Management

NEHDS is known for the quality of our last mile logistics with our trusted retail partners. We have forged strong, long-lasting relationships with many businesses that appreciate reliable delivery and warehousing solutions. NEHDS began in 2006 not only as a service focused on quality and performance, but one that developed an understanding of our customers’ needs. As NEHDS has grown and expanded our offerings, we have maintained our focus on quality and performance, yet have remained flexible enough to develop solutions that work for our customers.

Business to Business Solutions

When you choose NEHDS as your logistics provider, you are choosing a company that understands what it takes to truly be an extension of your brand. From branding dedicated delivery trucks, to wearing uniforms with a company logo, ensures your customers will feel secure knowing they are being serviced by a reputable provider. We will not only look the part, but we will administer the best customer service on your behalf.

Customized Logistics Management

NEHDS has the resources and experience your business needs to reach its maximum potential, and maintains a focus on continuous improvement. Some of the largest and most reputable retailers in the world count on us to solve complex delivery operations, as do local and start-up companies. Whether its new store openings, holiday demand or altering delivery parameters to increase productivity, NEHDS can handle any tough logistical challenge thrown our way. When you outsource deliveries or warehousing to NEHDS, you have more control over your business and gain a supportive and qualified partner that will positively improve the way your business operates.