Last Mile Delivery Service

At NEHDS, our quality retail delivery services are at the heart of our business. We take pride in providing professional final mile delivery you can count on and your customers will value. We understand how our work directly reflects on your brand and consequently take great care in handling your products and completing deliveries in a courteous and timely manner. Having the responsibility of being the final touch point in a retailer’s relationship with their customers is something we value. Below, we list three tenets that uphold our mission of producing creative and reliable delivery solutions:

Home Delivery Professionals

Our team of delivery professionals is comprised of experienced individuals who are hand-selected for their work ethic and dependability. Each driver is put through an in-depth screening process, including drug testing, background checks, and driving and delivery training to ensure each one meets NEHDS’ exacting standards. NEHDS takes great pride in our drivers as our great asset.

Branded Retail Delivery

NEHDS has a fleet of more than 400 late-model trucks, and it remains our highest priority to ensure these vehicles are in excellent working and aesthetic condition to represent your brand. NEHDS offers logoed trucks and uniformed delivery teams to further represent a seamless extension of your business. With NEHDS final mile delivery services, you are ensuring your customers and your brand are in good hands.

Logistics Technology

Technology is the core of all that we do at NEHDS and serves to set us apart in the home delivery category. NEHDS offers technology in the areas of routing, vehicle and driver performance, and inventory management.

  • DispatchTrack logistics management software helps NEHDS to maximize the productivity of our fleet through efficient routing, offering real-time visibility of our vehicles to monitor completion of routes, as well as automated communication and updates to customers.
  • Telogis fleet management software monitors, measures, and analyzes fleet and driver performance 24-hours a day, providing NEHDS with the data to ensure the best performing drivers and vehicles in the industry. Our managers receive real-time alerts for a wide range of on-road driving trends, helping us to reinforce proper habits and good performance in a timely fashion.
  • IDLS Warehouse Manager System offers cloud-based, real-time, customer-accessible inventory management. Our system allows NEHDS to provide on-line access of your inventory whenever you want to view it, in addition to customized reports, EDI capabilities, and barcode scanning for improved accuracy.

NEHDS is built on the principles of hard work, honesty and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Our customers know they have a reliable partner with NEHDS… this has been our guiding mission since the company’s very first delivery.

White Glove Delivery

Offering white glove delivery services, NEHDS goes the extra mile to satisfy our retailers’ most discerning customers. After scheduling a specific delivery date and time window, NEHDS’ delivery teams arrive at your customer’s residence and fully assemble and install the product in its desired location. We even provide debris removal and haul-away of the replaced goods, as desired. Our white glove service provides the finishing touch that your brand requires.

Threshold Delivery

Our threshold delivery services ensure we complete the delivery without a hitch, offering a more affordable option to your customers than white glove service. After delivery is scheduled, our teams arrive in one of our spotless, professional trucks and deliver the product to the first available, dry doorway. Threshold deliveries offers a reliable option at a value.

Dock to Dock Delivery

Dock to dock deliveries is the perfect option for your business-to-business solutions. Whether your goods originate from one of our strategically-located, Class A warehouse facilities or we receive from another location, we can arrange for one or two-man teams for your dock to dock delivery needs, depending on whether labor is required at the final destination.