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NEHDS is a premium distribution and  logistics company servicing the North East region of the United States.  We are experienced specialists with a reputation for providing reliable and professional services to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers.  NEHDS has the tools and the team to support your business as it grows, we offer the following services:


We really stand out on a technical and service level, our state of the art computer programs, quality warehouse system and fleet of brand new trucks

set us above the competition.”  


Gerry Burdo, Chief Executive Officer and NEHDS Co-Founder.



NEHDS provides superior delivery services directly to our retailers’ customers including online retailers.  We are also experienced in moving products between multiple store locations and from storage spaces to storefronts.  We have one of the most current and well-maintained fleets of delivery trucks in the industry.  As we continuously strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients, our portfolio of services has increased to include specialty options such as logo branded delivery trucks and white glove services.

We have also expanded our services with the growing needs of the North East region.  NEHDS offers warehousing sites with customized square footage plans in storage facilities strategically located across the eastern seaboard. Whether your business needs a clean, secure storage location or would be best served with cross-docking operations, we are confident our warehousing facilities offer a valuable option.

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NEHDS Home Delivery


NEHDS delivery drivers in Cranbury, NJ won an award at team breakfast for going above and beyond to help our customers